Heart stopped actress Carrie Fisher — Princess Leia from “Star wars”

Остановилось сердце  актрисы Кэрри Фишер — принцессы Леи из «Звездных войн»
Hollywood mourns the stepdaughter of Elizabeth Taylor actress, screenwriter and writer…

Carrie Fisher


Yesterday in Los Angeles
died wonderful actress Carrie Fisher. This year she is 60 years old,
but it seemed that she was going through her second
youth. After a long break, Carrie was back in the spotlight: she
back on the set of the franchise “Star wars” in the once glorified
her role as Princess Leia. Besides, Fischer completed a book of his memoirs
which told about her affair with Harrison Ford. Carrie looked fresh and
energetic. But four days ago I had a severe heart attack. Doctors fought for her life, but yesterday her heart stopped. This was announced by the publication dailymail.co.uk.

Carrie became
bad, when she returned from London to Los Angeles. The doctor, who were among passengers of the plane,
stated cardiac arrest. And 15 minutes later he managed to bring her back to life. At the airport the plane was met by a brigade “first aid” which delivered
her to the hospital. There, in the ICU, the actress has spent the last four days
my life…

Carrie well
knew and loved millions of fans, not only because of her roles in
movie. From childhood, she was referring to, because Carrie was the daughter of two celebrities — Actresses
Debbie Reynolds and popular singer Eddie Fisher. When she was only two
year, her family was at the center of high-profile Hollywood scandal: Eddie left
wife, who, besides Carrie, brought up a son Todd. Eddie fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor and became her fourth husband. Carrie and
not forgive my father and Elizabeth were enemies for many years. Once they are with Taylor
so had an argument at the party that Elizabeth pushed Carrie into the pool…

Carrie started
to play on a Broadway stage, even when I was a teenager, and at 19, George Lucas
approved her for the role of Princess Leia. Movies and TV shows in which she starred in a lifetime, was almost 9. Among them was the romantic Comedy “When Harry met Sally” and “the Blues Brothers”, but millions of viewers always
I will remember her as a courageous Princess from “Star wars.” Latest work
Fisher in the eighth episode made it famous space Saga, where she managed to play this year — will be released almost a year after her death, in December 2017…

never claimed to be a role model. Most of the life she
suffered from bipolar disorder, which tried to “cure” cocaine. But, in
eventually, she coped with her illness, and addiction. And his books, in which exceptional honesty told about the struggle of their “demons” she has earned universal respect.