Heart of Regina Todorenko now free

Сердце Регины Тодоренко теперь свободно
Famous TV host Regina todorenko not like to dwell on his personal life.

Сердце Регины Тодоренко теперь свободно

But still recently, speaking to reporters, Regina admitted that he is now a free girl since she broke up with her lover, film producer Nikita by Trakinas.

“I just have perepechatala. Both of us became hard. For a relationship should at least from time to time to see, but not so much that a woman runs on Amazon and comes as a sailor with the words: “Remember me Regina name?”. Wean, changing biorhythms, lost touch,” admits Todorenko.

It is worth noting that the couple has been together for about three years, and all were already waiting for the announcement of the forthcoming wedding, but still no relationship can survive a separation.

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