Heard dumped Depp for a billionaire

Херд променяла Деппа на миллиардера

The actress is trying to survive a difficult divorce with the once madly loved her husband in society new Beau.

Amber heard is going through hard times. Breakup with johnny Depp amicable can be called a stretch: the courts, the scandals, the carve-up of property. In order to abstract from what is happening, the girl spends time in the company of the billionaire owner of Tesla Elon musk.

How to claim friends of the actress, with a businessman she had met long ago, but until recently, their communication was reduced to a minimum. Now young people intersect with surprising regularity.

So, last weekend, amber and her sister rested at the hotel Ilona at the hot coast of Miami. After some time, heard noticed coming out of the office Mask in Los Angeles. Then they had dinner together in the mansion of a billionaire. And he has repeatedly visited to the fair.

It is time to talk about a serious relationship, but friends heard I beg you not to rush things. Like, guys just make friends, communicate.

It should be noted that to speak they really have something. Like amber, Elon currently divorcing his wife, and the process promises to be less noisy.

At the same time johnny Depp is trying to hurry to end the marriage with amber. Moreover, to do it secretly. So he was asked to sign a herd agreement of confidentiality and nondisclosure of the details of the divorce. Amber to sign the paper refused.

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