Health Angelina Jolie raises serious concerns

Здоровье Анджелины Джоли вызывает серьезные опасения
Friends of the actress fear the worst.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: ZumaTASS

on assurances of Angelina Jolie that the most difficult time in her life left
behind it seems to be wishful thinking. Although passion
in the divorce process with brad pitt, which began last fall, like
have subsided, the actress is still not regained composure and good
health. Friends claim Angelina,
she constantly is in a very
nervous and overwrought condition, and her health is obviously poor.

said one friend of the actress, Jolie, who has always been extremely
slim, continues to lose weight. According to available information, she already weighs a little
more than 40 pounds.
That, with its growth of 1 meter
70 cm, just too little. This is like
the condition of anorexia. Moreover, as evidenced by close know her people,
Angelina had completely lost my appetite and forget to eat…

this year, Jolie, who still managed
work Director of its project “First they killed my father…”, first
time in years she has not starred in any new movies. Almost all
the remaining after the completion of your project the time and energy she gives to her family. And
to sustain the burden of responsibility that she shouldered, Jolie is very difficult. After all, although the latter
her relationship with pitt has improved significantly, and it allows children more often
to see my father, Angelina still
takes the lion’s share of care of their six children themselves. Actress applies maximum
efforts to ensure that children do not feel unhappy in this difficult
situation and often just forgets about herself. And if it will continue
to continue to behave the same way, she did not to avoid serious health problems.