Здоровье Аллы Пугачевой охраняет мистический талисман Philip brought his ex-wife guardian for 9 thousand euros. The artist explained the significance of the amulet and told what changes are in store for a Diva in the future. He believes that the current achievements are only part of the success that it is.
Здоровье Аллы Пугачевой охраняет мистический талисман

Recently, Alla Pugacheva became the owner of mandala, a unique talisman that is manufactured for her by the artist – a native of Russia – Daniel Poêles, now living in Miami. Size of the amulet impressive – 61 cm, and its main purpose is to protect its owner.

“Mandala of the soul – talisman with certain images that carry esoteric powers. The ornament looks unfinished – says “StarHit” Daniel. It says that soon Alla Borisovna expect dramatic life change.”

“On the scale can be compared to the birth of Lisa and Harry, but to touch they will work. Perhaps the singer will return to the stage or try on a new look. Mandala Diva shows what its owner does not fully use the potential of the soul. Current services of the singer – the only part that she actually designed! I think she will surprise the viewer has many hidden talents.”
Здоровье Аллы Пугачевой охраняет мистический талисман

To create a talisman he used semi-precious stones. “Inlay of natural minerals under the crystal is carried out using special equipment – continues Poêles. In the mandala for Alla I joined amethyst, jade, tourmaline, carnelian… They will help her find harmony with each other and strengthen family health and will help you in your career. The total cost of the art products amounted to nine thousand euros. The diva was pleased with the gift. Philip, with whom I recently met in Miami told me that she hung the amulet in the center of the living room!”

A similar amulet is and other representatives of show business. Actress Natalia Andreichenko told me that believes in the power of the talisman.

“The mandala will accompany me on stage during the big tour of America, – admitted Natalia. Therefore, I took the amulet in Mexico, it’s worth it and pleases the eye of visitors to the gallery of Daniel in Miami. By the way, I have already allocated a special area, which was furnished by candles. This is in order to carry out meditation. Dealing with the mascot, I feel like he redeems and cleanses me from negative energy”.