“Heads and Tails” is preparing season featuring the stars of show business

«Орел и Решка» готовит сезон с участием звезд шоу-бизнеса
The popular project will be continued.

Leading “eagle and Tails” Andrey Bednyakov and Nastya Korotkaya

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

In the new season of the cult travel show “heads and Tails” channel
“Friday!” is planning to send on a journey through the world of stars

After “around the world”, “Reload” and “Heaven and Hell”,
the creators of the “eagle and Tails” decided to continue to develop a range of project and began
to develop the concept of “Star season”. As before, the toss-coin will be
to figure out which celebrities are lucky enough to spend a weekend with a Royal scale, and
those who try to survive in a foreign country for one hundred dollars.

each issue on a journey is supposed to send a new pair of “star”
leading. Each of them should be ready for that at his disposal
there will only be a hundred dollars, and that means spending the night in hostels, street food and
long walks. Will be ready for this format the people used
relax in comfort, show shooting. But, if fortune be favorable,
the gold card will allow you to “star” the lead to organize a really
chic weekend. The list of artists with whom the creators of the “eagle and Tails”
expect to negotiate, kept secret.

The TV channel “Friday!” already conducted similar experiments. In the show
“Integramedica” popular blogersha tried to master the profession of a shop assistant,
waitresses, or volunteering. The project “Secret millionaire”
wealthy businessmen and had become homeless vagrants.