Head of security galipettes: “I raised their children”

Глава охраны джолипиттов: «Я воспитывал их детей»

Who will take care of the kids when mom and dad are gone at work for months? Six children of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt were left to themselves and were often left in the care of a guard. About this told himself mark Billingham, who for several years served in the Armed forces of great Britain, and after – Hollywood spouses, leading their safety and often being in the status of the nanny.

27 years of military experience, participation in hostilities in Iraq and a great summary did Mark a welcome guard of Hollywood celebrities, so after retirement, he easily found work in the house of Jolie and pitt, and earlier, if you believe the Western media managed to pokrenete star body Kate moss, Russell Crowe, Tom cruise and Sean Penn.
The news of an impending divorce shocked many, including Mark. Sam the guard is also the father of many children, and all seventeen months of work on Joliette almost never seen their six children.
“I didn’t have my life, I barely saw my family, wife, children. For eighteen months I was home only six weeks, worked on Jolie and pitt’s non-stop and very exhausted,” said Billingham.
Mark admitted that during this time very close with the children of Hollywood spouses, because spent with them all the time. The duties of Bilingual includes protection of children. Angelina and Brad were afraid that some of their successors can be stolen for ransom, and because the choice of bodyguard for kids they fit very seriously.
“I actually lived with them, they trust me a hundred percent. Sometimes I have the feeling that I’ve adopted their children. I took them on walks, swimming and other activities with them around the clock,” said mark. The guard who Jolie and pitt trusted, as himself, was the only person who could drive the kids somewhere, the rest of the bodyguards were not allowed even to approach the star children, they could only observe them from afar. Mark thinks it was too much, and now the children of Angelina and Brad are socially awkward and are afraid of all strangers. Who knows, maybe now that the parents get divorced, they will remove unnecessary restrictions, and children will be able to live a more mundane life.