He will pay: Mariah Carey requires 50 million to break off the engagement

Он заплатит: Мэрайя Кэри требует 50 млн за разрыв помолвки

The singer sent a bill to the billionaire, who escaped from the altar!

Six months, fans have been waiting for the wedding of the century, Mariah Carey was about to marry billionaire James Packer, at least, the singer talked about it on every corner. And it played a cruel joke. The businessman looked at the spending of a friend, her behavior and off the hook!

Cary this turn, of course, did not expect and decided that a Packer should be punished, and where have you seen such a star throwing before the wedding, disgrace to the whole world, and left only the engagement ring for $10 million on the memory.

Mariah thought about the revenge plan, has considered the situation and has demanded from ex-fiancé $50 million, so to speak, for moral damages.

This is the amount the singer appreciated his move from new York to Los Angeles for the Packer and felt that this money will be enough to wash away the stain of shame with reputation.

The businessman claims the star hasn’t responded. We only know that James’s happy this turn of events. The requirement Cary is not that other, as another proof that you won’t regret, the love of the Union was not, or rather, were, but for money.