“He was an honest voice” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Zadornov

«Он был честным голосом»: коллеги и друзья скорбят по ушедшему из жизни Задорнову The satirist died after a long illness. Fans of Mikhail Zadornov can’t deal with life. Friends of the writer to dedicate to him the publication on social networks. Many believed Zadornov interesting conversationalist and admired his talent and sense of humor.
«Он был честным голосом»: коллеги и друзья скорбят по ушедшему из жизни Задорнову

On 70-m to year of life has died the writer and satirist Mikhail Zadornov. Over a long period of time, he had been fighting cancer of the brain. Fans of Mikhail Nikolayevich sincerely believed that he will succeed to overcome serious illness. According to journalists, in recent months the Council was in a closed sanatorium in the suburbs. The friends star can’t believe his death. They remember Mikhail Nikolayevich in social networks.

Media reported about the death of Mikhail Zadornov

Colleague Zadornov Efim Shifrin has published an archival photograph taken a few years ago. The artist has made it clear that it is very hard to come to terms with the departure of the man.

“It was not Misha… in six months he would have turned 70 years,” said Shifrin.

Stanislav Sadalsky remembered a story that happened five years ago during the celebration of the New year. Then Mikhail joked a lot and had fun. Sadalsky remember Zadornov criticized the work of Ksenia Sobchak. The artist agreed with the satirist, despite the fact that a positive attitude to the presenter. “Mike… May you rest in peace and the Kingdom of heaven…” – he concluded.

TV presenter Boris korchevnikov admitted that he followed the works of satirist. In childhood, the journalist was a huge fan of Mikhail Nikolayevich.

“Silence. His voice is forever a part of me. I filled all my childhood under the tape with him. To take difficult. A little easier from articles about extreme unction before she died. So to go to be earned. The bright memory. Today is an amazing gospel read in Church: “I am the door. Anyone enters by Me, he will be saved. And will. In and out. And shall find pasture,” said korchevnikov.

Resident of Comedy Club Marina Kravets thanked Zadornov for the emotions he gave to his audience. “Thank you, Mikhail, for the late 90s-early 2000s. Humor, gestures, voice, facial expressions, intonation…” – she wrote in his microblog.

Igor Nikolaev issued a joint picture with the writer, taken in the dressing room by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The singer admitted that deep condolences to the relatives Zadornov.

“I don’t know what to say… Words fall apart… I knew it and in a vegetarian, and not very vegetarian periods of life – always keen intellect, sensitivity and professional respect for colleagues… for some reason I remembered how in Los Angeles Misha called me after his concert at a vegan restaurant and enthusiastically and excitedly talked about the benefits of a healthy (i.e. vegetarian) lifestyle… Always tanned, lean… Read that before his death he converted to Orthodoxy and was soborovanie… The latest and the wisest move. Mikhail Zadornov. Writer. Artist. The Kingdom of heaven”, – said Nikolaev.

Vladimir Solovyov said that the writer was a very interesting conversationalist. “Eternal memory. Bright, bold, talented, witty and very pleasant in person. What a pity that life is so short and ruthless…” – said TV presenter.

Journalists contacted Joseph Kobzon, reveals details of the death of Mikhail Zadornov. He said that the writer had little chance for recovery.

“He was completely incurable, he had been impressed by both hemispheres of the brain. Last night he died. Sorry. He was an honest voice, without all the politics. It is tragic that such people go,” – said Kobzon.

The head of the social Committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky told the media that a famous writer has always been a leader and active citizen. The politician finished MAI together with Zadornov. “This is my classmate, we together participated in the Komsomol construction projects”, – said the Ryazan. According to the Senator, the name of Mikhail consistent with his character.

“He was always playful, like his name, he has always been an informal leader among students, creative self. He was a good and active citizen. I think that many who studied with him will remember Mikhail Zadornov. The bright memory of him”, – said the Ryazan.

Oskar Kuchera was also a very high opinion of the satirist. “The bright memory of light man…” he wrote on Instagram.

Yevgeny Petrosyan recorded a video message in which he commented on the departure of the famous satirist.

“Died not only a great comedian, but also our great friend, helped us to reflect on our lives through humor and understand what is good and what is bad, what should be valued and what should be discarded. Only great comedians can achieve such a level of interaction with the audience, when he not only rejoices in the performances, but remains grateful to you, keeping in mind everything that you said, remembering the personal life and the circumstances in which he listened to you. I’m in a great sorrow. I lost a colleague, friend, associate, writer, who created for me a lot of the rooms which was a great success. But gratitude, love and the state of emotional turmoil, I feel immense grief. I can’t find a place. Eternal memory”, – he shared.

Klara Novikova admitted that he is deeply saddened by the death of Mikhail Zadornov. People’s artist of Russia were familiar with the comedian back to his College days.

“He has a very special Outlook on life. You know, I still don’t believe. We knew he had the disease. But he was so athletic. Drop into the splits, swam in the cold water were running on the beach in Jurmala. As the disease could settle in this man? How was it possible to strike the head? It’s very sad,” – said Novikov to reporters.

Maxim Galkin has joined the condolences to the relatives of Zadornov. “Closed forever a large part of my life. How many meetings, performances, conversations. Sometime in 1999 he invited me to his concerts, and I first was able to become a participant of the tour of the great artist, to get acquainted with beautiful delicate audience. And when he appointed me as his successor on television, it gave me a special acceleration – recalls presenter. We were different people, often argued on historical and political topics, but we always were United in loyalty to the scene and humor. Even a serious illness, cruelly and inexorably who picked his vitality, until the last days and could not take his chief – of wit”.

According to Galkina, a year ago, Mikhail called him to talk about his diagnosis and to say goodbye.

“Even at such moments, he was true to himself. The last time I saw you was when I visited him about a month ago, we joked and talked. Remember eight years ago, giving an interview to the memory of his friend Leonid Filatov, he told me: “you Know, Leon was such a bright, cheerful man, he would not want the memory of him mourned. So when I die, what about me tell me something funny, cool.” Of course, I will try over time. Today hard. And yet, to the end with Mikhail was his relatives who are with him day and night selflessly fought for his life, and Express my deepest condolences”, – said the comedian.

In preparing the article used materials of RT, RIA Novosti and REN TV.