“He was a man with a big heart”: how do remember Yegor Clineva close

«Он был человеком с большим сердцем»: каким запомнили Егора Клинаева близкие 18-year-old actor of the series “Fizruk” was hit by a car. Friends and colleagues of Yegor Clineva can’t believe what happened and Express condolences to his family. Friends said that the young man was looking forward to the release of new mnogoseriyki, which played a major role.
«Он был человеком с большим сердцем»: каким запомнили Егора Клинаева близкие

Today it became known that a terrible accident killed the actor of the series “Fizruk” Egor Cliniv. The young man was only 18 years old. As it became known, about three o’clock in the morning he went to Moscow and witnessed the accident. He stopped and got out of the car to see what happened. But at this moment he was hit by a car. The vehicle also hurt two more people. Yegor died at the scene. The actor of the series “Fizruk” Egor Konaev died in an accident

The young actor started film career at an early age – when he was 12, he got the lead role in the film “the Mystery Yegor”. His filmography includes about 20 works, however, the greatest popularity brought him the series “Fizruk” in which the actor is reincarnated as the hero Nikita Serebrianskaya. In the story, the guy was in love with Sasha, played by Polina grents. The actress told how do remember a colleague on the set.

“Let’s make a picture “before/after day”. But such fun we had the whole day of shooting, because when Egor was on the court, we don’t get bored, our Energizer. A ray of light, sleep well,” – said in a microblog grents.

Dmitry Nagiyev named the death of a colleague for “Teacher” personal tragedy

Relatives, friends and colleagues are unable to accept the death of the young actor. His close friend and assistant of Maxim tries to help the family of Egor to cope with the tragedy.

“From his parents I learned about what happened tonight. They, of course, is very hard, but they hold. Egor I saw yesterday, it was all good, he was waiting for the premiere of the series, which played a major role. Nothing boded trouble, – said the “StarHit” Maxim. He was always focused on yourself, on your future. Egor was a very able – bodied- he began acting at the age of 12. I hate that now there are many rumors and unverified information. Egor had been friends for many years, he was my really close friend”.

While the family did not report the date and place of burial, however, promise to share information with fans. Buddy Yegor announced the collection of funds. In the microblog actor appeared post, the author is encouraged to help his family in a difficult situation.

“This is a big shock and loss for all of us, we mourn together with all who knew and loved him. Now we with your help would like to support and help his family during this incredibly difficult time. If you have the desire and ability to contribute, below you will find details and card number: 4276380067388046 NATALIA KLINAEVA (Egor’s Mother),” – wrote in Instagram Maxim that has access to the account actor.

Yegor’s girlfriend, 17-year-old actress Lola Baranov, said that the young man always willing to help people. It suffers from the fact that the desire to save people in a car crash turned to his family and friends of this tragedy.

“Didn’t want to write here, but you burst into my life like a hurricane, and as abruptly left me. Stifled tears. You always helped everybody, and this time, this support has resulted in our grief. Already insanely miss you. Let the earth you rest in peace and I’ll be there with my parents and Vera,” wrote the girl.

Colleagues leave their condolences and remember the circumstances with which he met and Clonaepam. For singer Teona Dolnikova the death of Yegor was a real shock.

“A terrible tragedy. Egor Konaev… How so? As painful and ridiculous. Talented, charismatic, awesome sang, danced, acted in films. Came to us on “one to One”, when he was 14 years old. I can’t believe he was gone. 18 years… As to believe that? I can not understand what in heaven’s plan” – shared the pain artist.

The second of October on the channel TNT launches new show “the Street” in which Egor has played a role. His colleague on the set of Vladimir Khatskevich said that Konaev loved cars – may 16, the young man was right, said subscribers in the social network.

“Egor, I do not believe. You were a tough guy, all we’ve done on the court, constantly driven to your ride with the breeze, you’re always talking about cars. You’re a hero. Forever,” wrote Vladimir in the microblog.

Actress Karina Mishulina, which played a key role in the TV series “Fizruk”, admitted that did not often cross paths on the set of Egor. However, she is able to evaluate the talent and see the inner light of the young actor.

“He was a man with a big heart – his actions prove it. He stopped and wanted to help people, and it ended like that. Yegor was responsive, attentive, caring. Lately a lot of young deaths,” said the actress in a conversation with “StarHit”.

The TNT channel made an official statement after the death of the artist. “In connection with the tragic death of a young talented actor Yegor Clineva, TNT expresses its deepest condolences to the families, friends of Yegor. This is a big loss for all of us, and there are no words that can Express her depth,” there was a message in the official group in a social network.