«Увидела и обалдела»: фото Светланы Бондарчук привело в шок Алену Свиридову
So struck the singer in the picture?

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Photo: @a030aa Instagram Svetlana Bondarchuk

Svetlana Bondarchuk has shared a new photo from holiday, which she now holds in Turkey. In the network appeared the bright summer the ex-wife of the Director, causing bright emotions not only lovers, but also star colleagues Svetlana — Alena Sviridova.

The singer was struck by his resemblance to Bondarchuk. She expressed surprise at the discussion of the frame, saying that he had learned myself in the picture of Svetlana. “He saw it and was stunned! It’s me, or what? Why don’t you remember?” — says Alena. Agreed a few people, including Svetlana. “I agree, well, very similar!”, “Twins!” just kidding its subscribers.

Recently, the media appeared information about the fact that she allegedly is still not divorced with Fedor. Despite the fact that she meets up with photographer Sergey Tabunov, and Bondarchuk for several years is in a relationship with Paulina Andreeva, the alleged couple never divorced.

Divorce star pair who have lived together for 25 years, preventing legal issues. Fedor and Svetlana, according to sources can’t agree on the issue of “carve-up” of jointly acquired property. In addition to numerous expensive real estate, Bondarchuk, there is also a joint business. This further complicates the divorce process