He published the first series of the new season of “Game of thrones”

Вышла первая серия нового сезона «Игры престолов»

After a break of a year today, on 25 April, together with the United States in Russia came the first series of the new season of the epic Saga. The fans are shocked!

Even the promotional video of the new season started on 30 million YouTube views just 24 hours after publication. What can we say about the first series of the new season! It had demonstrated today at four in the morning, and the fans did not stop. For those who haven’t watched them yet, tell them why you need to do!

Hollywood swing

Let’s start with the fact that the budget of the new series simply immense. The production cost of one episode of approximately $8 million Where are the numbers? First, sites that depict one or another Kingdom, are scattered around the world. Filming in Croatia, Spain, Morocco, Ireland and Iceland. Just imagine what beautiful views! And how much it costs to fly here with the team of hundreds of people.

Secondly, the scale. For example, for the filming of epic battle we will see shortly, had to hire as an extra, almost the entire adult population of Northern Ireland. The battle promises to be cooler than in the battle scenes of the film “the Lord of the rings”.

And thirdly, the special effects. The author of the novel “a Song of ice and fire” George R. R. Martin has created in his imagination giants, white walkers, dragons… to Bring it all beautifully and realistically worth… well a lot of money!

All die, but then

Usually, when the paintings off the books, many fans read the paper version, and then enjoy the display in this case, knowing some of the plot twists. With the new season of “Game of thrones” will not be released. There’s a mystery, so a mystery. The fact that the writer did not finish the sixth book of the epic to start filming, he will finish only in 2017. Get it? Yes, now we will see something that hasn’t even seen the paper.

The plot of the new season partly did the creators of the series David Benioff and Dan Weiss. They told the actors to keep your mouth shut. Even when actor kit Harington was asked about the fate of his character Jon snow herself Duchess Camilla, wife of Prince Charles of Wales, he couldn’t answer, except to nod in assent to the question “if John is dead?”. But the whale was seen on the set of the new season! So he’s in it somehow, but there will be.

By the way, to torture the actors with questions virtually useless not only because they gave an oath to remain silent. They don’t know when their characters will die, and every day I work as last time!

“On set I pulled producers over the sleeve and asked him to prepare me to death,” admitted the girl playing Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke.

As they say the creators of the series, they are ready to kill all the heroes, only if the viewer is not bored.

Surely then it will only be steeper. And found not only the sixth but also the seventh season, the shooting of which will start soon.

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