«Вспыхнула, как спичка»: стали известны подробности пожара в квартире звезды 90-х At the end of June in the apartment of a friend of the once famous actress was a fire. Marianna Rubinchik suffered due to their own negligence. At this time, the woman is in serious condition in a Moscow clinic: she burned half of the body.
«Вспыхнула, как спичка»: стали известны подробности пожара в квартире звезды 90-х

Recently about the work of Marianna Rubinchik was not heard: once a popular actress led a secluded life. However, recently, the media reported that the download is in serious condition in a Moscow clinic. At the end of June with the actress has been an accident by her own fault: she, being in a Studio apartment of a friend in the suburbs, asleep with a lit cigarette in the toilet, causing the fire started. 44-year-old Marianne suffered greatly, it received more than 50 percent burns of the body.

The star of the 90s was almost burned alive

About the case told a friend Rubinchik Elena. Her Marianne met at the funeral of his mother, actress Valentina Shendrikova who passed away in February of last year. Rubinchik grieved at the death of parents: her father, a famous film Director Valentin Rubinchik, died about seven years ago. Care of loved ones has affected the way of life of Marianne: she moved away from creative activity, addicted to alcohol, then got on treatment in narcological clinic where she had a little recovered my health. Rubinchik was difficult to live alone, so she decided to surrender their living space to rent, and she moved to Elena.

The day of the tragedy Marianna Rubinchik, according to Helen, was in a bad mood, she was sad and bitter by the fact that parents are no longer alive. She came home with alcohol. Before bed the woman drank vodka and went to smoke in the toilet. The alcohol took effect, and fatigue, let them know: Rubinchik asleep, not wretched put out a cigarette. Elena woke up but it was too late, Marianne was burning like a match. Friend hastened to extinguish the fire, miraculously everything worked out. Have download burned half of the body, particularly affected are the hands, neck, face.

Recall that in the mid-90s, Marianna Rubinchik graduated from VGIK, and later starred in the film “Bear hunt”, “Hour Volkova”, “Old debts” and many others.