Скончался старейший режиссер «Ленфильма» Сергей Микаэлян The legend of Soviet and Russian cinema died in the 94th year of life in the Northern Capital. The last few years he had health problems but somehow continued to do what he likes. However, the disease took its toll. About the Director’s death, reported the press service of “Lenfilm”.

      Скончался старейший режиссер «Ленфильма» Сергей Микаэлян

      Famous Director Sergei Mikaelyan has not lived up to the 95-year anniversary. He died in St. Petersburg. The film Studio “Lenfilm” on which he worked, the master, announced on Saturday and posted relevant information on the official website. For many fans of the celebrity that was a real blow. Because he worked and did not remain aloof from Affairs.

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      Date and place of burial is unknown, and the relatives of the deceased have not given any comments in connection with the incident. “Lenfilm”, which is constantly associated with the name of the Director, expressed his condolences to nearest and dearest celebrity. For Mikaelian the Studio remained for 55 years been almost a second home, because that is where he created his best work.

      Скончался старейший режиссер «Ленфильма» Сергей Микаэлян

      It should be noted that “Lenfilm” is the oldest film Studio of the country since pre-revolutionary times – since 1914. Sergey Mikaelyan got there in 1956 and has never parted with his place of work. It is important to remember that before the advent of “Lenfilm”, he managed to realize himself as a theater Director, putting on plays in Saratov, Moscow and Leningrad.

      He was unable to go to the institution directly after high school. Came the Great Patriotic war, and he, 17-year-old boy, a volunteer went to the front. Unfortunately, a young soldier was seriously wounded Rzhev during the defense of Moscow. He had to go to the rear and a few months to recover. After the war, the future Director still manages to get into GITIS, where he studied from 1951 till 1956-th years. In parallel with the work of the “Lenfilm” from 1959 to 1961 he was Director of the Gorky film Studio.

      On account of Sergei Mikaelyan dozens of films. The most famous among them were the first Soviet stereo film “Colored stones”, “Take the fight”, “Going to storm”, “Only one life”, “GM”, “Love at own will”, “Flight 222” and “the Legible groom”. It will be recalled that for the film “the Prize”, which was filmed on the play by Alexander Gelman, michaelena awarded the State prize of the USSR. And for the painting “Love on their own”, where the main roles were played by Oleg Yankovsky and Eugenia Glushenko, the Director won the prize of the national festival.