«Он мне помогает»: вдова Андрея Дементьева не может смириться с его смертью The spouse of the deceased poet Anna Pugach is preparing a recital in memory of him. However, the woman is still hard to accept the fact that Andrei Dementyev’s not around. On June 26 the author of the famous poetry did not become after a long illness.
«Он мне помогает»: вдова Андрея Дементьева не может смириться с его смертью

The author of the famous poems “do Not dare to forget teachers” and “Never never look after him” died after a long illness. According to his widow, the cause could be infection.

Now the widow of the poet prepares the evening in memory of him.

“I’m going to continue what he was doing. The House is going to young poets, among them are educated, nurtured them, which have already been published. The poetry house was opened and given the name Andrey Dementiev July 20, 2013, this year it will be five years. 20th at the Theatre square, in the city center, will host a great evening-dedication to Andrey Dementyev, will feature poems and songs over the river”, — said the woman.

Anna Pugach and Andrey Dementyev had been married for many years, and to this day Anna Pugach feels like he’s watching over her.

“I’m not a mystic, but I believe that Andrew helps me. Andrei Voznesensky called him “God’s man”. Around Andrew has always been a bright aura, the amazing solar power. All dissolved in his benevolence. I now gather artists, prepare the anniversary evening, but I’m missing something. And the writer says that does not start, something is wrong. Then we realized what it was. No Andrew. There is no unifying person. It’s hard, but we will try to pass the evening with dignity. All his friends are wonderful people,” said Pugach.

The wife of Andrei Dementyev traveled with him around the world. Most of all she remembered their trip to Israel. “Vivid was our job in the middle East, in Israel. In 1994 we got married. Knowledge of correspondent work was rediscovered, especially after his work editor-in-chief. Began a new phase of life both for him and for me. He wrote: “you and me crowned Jerusalem.

And while you’re around life is unique.

Confess love Jerusalem,

Because here and I love,” said Anna, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.