Дмитрий Дюжев ввязался в драку The actor saved a 17-year-old audience. He got into a fight, separated the fighters, not sorting out who is right and who is wrong. The incident occurred in Kazakhstan, behind the scenes of the art centre, where he played a Russian artist with a solo performance.
Дмитрий Дюжев ввязался в драку

Actor Dmitry Dyuzhev not only active in films, but regularly and successfully plays in the theatre. The artist has a solo performance of “Eugene Onegin”, which Dyuzhev soulful, critics say, quite convincingly, reading a great novel in verse by Pushkin. With this view he toured the country and abroad. So, at the end of April, he visited Kazakhstan. Full house, appreciative audience, reports about the tour on local TV channels. But the trip in the Kazakh city of Aktobe, formerly Aktyubinsk, Dujeva to be remembered for a long time. After the performance, backstage at the local art center was a fight. Dmitry did not understand who is right and who is wrong, but simply to separate the fighters. It turned out that the guard was beaten 17-the summer guy. If actor had not intervened, it is unknown how serious would be the consequences of this potasovki. About the incident the actor himself told in his Instagram.

“Sittwe. Center For The Arts. Majestic Palace! The international theatre festival. Tahawi Akhtanov. I thank my Kazakhstan! The hall was attended by my colleagues from international companies. Professional audience is very responsible but also very easy! After the performance, backstage, fought two of the viewer. Someone offended someone. I broke it up and we took a picture together with smiles on their faces! In General, everyone was happy!”, – wrote Dmitry.

Later in the Kazakh media reported the details of the incident. It appeared that the victim was the son of the administrator, and he was beaten by the guards. A young man came to the hospital and law enforcement agencies of Aktobe are investigating. “Beat the 17-year-old son of our administrator due to personal animosity related to the work. He broke his nose, the bridge of his nose, he has a concussion. Now he lies in a children’s hospital. The fight was provoked by the guards. The victim had agreed to make photos with Duuuum, but did not let him, Mat had called mother. The fight was separated Dyuzhev. Such savagery! Now the beating was removed, connected lawyer. We will seek the truth”, – said the Director of the art center “Aktobe” esengeldy of Duisenbaev website diapazon.kz.