HBO has announced the release of the wine collection in honor of “Game of thrones”

HBO анонсировали выпуск коллекции вин в честь «Игры престолов»

“Game of thrones” has already become a cult TV series, fans with great trepidation waiting for something new that they offer coronary.

While preparations for shooting a new season of the show, HBO (which is responsible for the broadcast of the show) in collaboration with the American winery Vintage Wine Estates came up with something quite unusual.

They are going to launch the production and release of the full collection of wines that would have been United by one theme –” Game of thrones”.

“Every fan of “Game of thrones” knows what role in this Saga plays wine. We are very excited, in collaboration with HBO to introduce fans of the series with wonderful wines that will be able to follow their own path to the Iron throne,” commented the news Director of Vintage Wine Estates.

It is noted that customers will be able to taste different versions of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The cost of one bottle or an entire collection are not yet reported.

The sale of wine will arrive in spring 2017. Just before the start of the new season of the series.