Хейли Бибер рассказала, почему ее мизинцы на руках постоянно критикуют

Хейли Бибер рассказала, почему ее мизинцы на руках постоянно критикуют

American model Hailey Bieber is criticized periodically in the network. However, I dislike it not only fans of Selena Gomez, but those who noticed her the biggest flaw in the exterior, namely the curves of the fingers. The model could not restrain himself and explained to all of his detractors how she got this defect.

Absolutely all famous people have fans, and of course those who endlessly criticize. Not an exception and Hayley Bieber. Of course the girl dislike most fans of the singer Selena Gomez, accusing the model that it became the cause of the disorder is Selena and Justin. However, Hayley is often enough and goes over the features in its body structure, because the model must be perfect from all sides, according to the public opinion.

In my entire career, Haley listened to a lot of criticism, both justified and not. Someone totally annoying constant calm expression model, and someone just can not look into the twisted fingers on the hands of the girls. In some pictures you can notice how your fingers from Haley straight off in different directions. Because of this structure of the hand the girl even once called a witch. The Hayley has never focused on this drawback in appearance.

On the same day, her patience snapped and she decided to explain to the public what is wrong with her fingers. The girl posted a picture of his hand in the social network Instagram and invited fans to talk about this topic. Hayley confessed that all his life he joked about it, not telling the real reason why her fingers are terrible and curves.

The model, without further ADO, wrote that was born with a disease ectrodactyly. The disease is congenital and is characterized by absence of some fingers on the limbs or retardation (in the case of Bieber, the underdevelopment of the fingers fell on the fingers of two hands). Haley expressed hope that after she published the truth about his illness, harassment in the network relative to her hands over.

The model also appealed to his fans not to raise the topic of the eye because she is uncomfortable. Hopefully, learning about the disease, the followers show their tactical qualities and cease to criticize Haley.

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