У Селены Гомес новый образ: челка и длинные пряди

Selena Gomez debuted a new look with delicate bangs and long hair to his shoulders, when she arrived in London on December 10!
On this day, another option hairstyles for 27-year-old Selena Gomez, who just debuted with a new version of the image with thick bangs in front and longer hair when she called for “Global House” in London on 10 December. The singer looked stunningly beautiful when I showed her the hairstyle, the bangs of which was the length just below the eyelashes, touching the points. In addition to the new details in the style of hairstyles, from Selena were also more long hair than until recently. We all remember her beautiful hairstyle “short Bob” at the time of her most recent appearance on the AMA 2019. During your stay in London Selena laid his dark brown hair slightly sloppy in the swirling waves, and the tips were tinted brown tint.

У Селены Гомес новый образ: челка и длинные пряди
A few days earlier, on 2 December, where Selena was swirling hair, and the tips of her painted in a light honey-brown color. She completed her image with a new hairstyle jeans “Louis Vuitton” with a high waist, loaded with a black turtleneck, over which wore a black and white faux fur coats “Mango”, tied to the waist belt. Along with black sunglasses-aviators and slightly muted shades of red lipstick completed its incredibly stunning views.

Years have passed since we last saw Selena with bangs, especially in 2016, when her hair was long and light brown. So to see her in a new reincarnation is very interesting, and it looks very sophisticated and chic. Selena is not the only one who recently changed her hairstyle, actually, the last time a celebrity made his debut in a new style. 34-year-old Chrissy Teigen has just demonstrated a completely new haircut December 6, which was made by the hairdresser Tracey Cunningham, while Kaia Gerber, 18, 9 December showed a super short new haircut styled in a Bob on his page in Instagram with the words: “I don’t Think I can keep the hair on the head,” while her new haircut was very short, which barely touched her chin.
In addition to the great new changes like Selena, this year there have been many changes in the appearance of celebrities!

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