Have a sweetheart of Ivan Zhidkova started nesting

У возлюбленной Ивана Жидкова начался период гнездования The companion of the artist Liliya Solovyova told in Instagram as preparing the apartment for baby’s arrival. Also the choice of Ivan Zhidkova told subscribers that strongly recovered during pregnancy.

Almost two years actor Ivan Zhidkov found with Lilia Solovieva. In early July it became known that the pair is preparing for the replenishment of the family. Lily is actively microblog in Instagram, which shares photos from family life. A woman tells about how her pregnancy proceeds.

“Oh, smashed in earnest, both physically and morally! All ginestous and trying to organize the house to a new man!” – shared Lily with subscribers.

The choice of the actor told fans that he plans to equip the house with such things that will cause only positive emotions the parents and baby.

“Well, last year was able to master only the first paragraph, and it was so: a down-cold-winter-throw it away! Swimsuit – summer – heat – leave! Sweater – cold delicate wash, dry flat – throw it away! Shorts – tan – leave! Now learn the system of vertical storage, and I can tell you – this thing! Very convenient! Even the Prince appreciated, they say, now you can see where your shirt is!” – explained the expectant mother.

“After weeks of calm, began to receive messages of congratulations. Wait, still waiting. 39weeks,” said Lily.

According to Lily, she only now realized the full extent of what will soon become a mother. Meanwhile, the beloved actor gets along well with his daughter from his first marriage. They spend a lot of time together.

“A week where I can eat everything! Since then, breast-feeding, a diet to follow. There is a silver lining, but all will go together to the hospital, and Mary stutterer for life will not remain” – has ironically signed a frame Lily.

Lily and Mary understand each other. The girl was born Ivan Zhidkova in Union with the actress Tatyana Arntgolts. The girl became attached to the little heiress of the man she loved, that she his daughter. This was recognized in the day of his birth.

“I even have a seven year old daughter, who, incidentally, took this picture! I live in the lush green country house! And I have a dog, I dreamed of my whole life. And it’s all my personal victories!”- reported fans of Lily.