Хейтеры Пугачевой в отчаянии: певица исполнит на телеогоньке новый хит
About it Alla person said.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Instagram

creativity of Alla Pugacheva in
the coming new year’s eve can be
only sympathize. Despite
all obstacles, petitions, baiting in the Network,
people’s artist not only appears
in a television First channel, but also
new song!

the song of Oleg, Vlad, “I flew,” he shared
the singer in the personal microblog. Pugacheva
stressed that participated in
the filming of light on the Ground exclusively
at the request of fans who
incredibly upset that I won’t see
his idol on television on December 31.

a few
weeks ago, the Network appeared information
that the star of this year announced
the boycott of the “blue lights”. Reported
that Diva decided to abandon
the filming of the Christmas programs for
last year’s scandal with a petition
viewers. Alla is their
the decision did not comment. And here Elena
Chuprakova, Director, artist, confirmed
that, they say, Yes, meeting
viewers of the New year pass without

recently, Alla Pugacheva took
participation in the shooting program for the First
channel. This information was strictly
secret and leaked online only
thanks to the casting of extras for the filming
rooms singer. It was later revealed that
the set Pugacheva arrived
together with her husband Maxim Galkin. First
fans of the singer have suggested that just
see Alla Borisovna. Learning about Christmas
the surprise Pugacheva, they went into ecstasy.