Хейтеры сравнивают сменившую имидж Бузову с Костенко
The singer has built up long hair and was burning brunette.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova surprised fans, radically
changing the image. The singer has built up hair and painted it black. “And to whom
this beauty will go?”— playfully signed posted in personal
microblog a photo of the star.

Not everyone appreciated the transformation of the leading “House-2″. Until one
effusive compliments, the other was indignant and reproached Buzova for the act. «Olya,
What for? You’re now like everyone else! Fellow. Ugly” — they wrote. There were
those who noticed that she became something like his wife’s ex-husband Dmitry
Tarasova — Anastasia Kostenko.

“The length and color of hair just exactly as in Kostenko”; “wife
Tarasov looked like!””Copies Kostenko! Olga, calm down you already! Far you to
Nastya. She takes his intelligence, education, natural beauty and wisdom, and
not a hair graft!”— did not fail to inform Buzova Internet users.

It is worth noting that Olga loves to experiment
with the image, she very often changes her hairstyle and hair color, choosing
sometimes the most unexpected colors.  At
this, haters artist every time I find something to complain about. When for
the New year TV presenter of the dyed hair strands in blue, the spiteful critics
then compared it with Nastasya Samburski, which some time ago,
as, however, and many other fashionistas were similar hairstyle.