Hat Queen Elizabeth was almost lunch pony.

Шляпка королевы Елизаветы чуть не стала обедом пони.
Grandmother of Prince William could lose valuable exhibit of his collection.

Queen Elizabeth II


The current reigning
British monarhine there was a funny incident. Her headdress almost
was eaten by a naughty pony. This was told to the edition people.com.

This story happened in
the time of the visit of the Queen to Scotland, where she arrived together with her husband —
Prince Philip. To travel the 91-year-old Elizabeth went dressed in
outfit one of her favorite bright colors which really suit her personality, despite
more than advanced age. Their elegant summer coat color cyclamen
the Queen added a hat that
same shade, decorated with artificial flowers. The Queen, as you know, loves
hats: she’s got a solid collection of hats of different colors,
the majority of which were products of the famous Britain designer,
specializing in hats, Rachel

One of the points
pre-designed plan of visit of Elizabeth, was a visit to the castle, Stirling Castle.
It is here that she showed a cute Shetland pony, whose name was
Cruachan. And a Queen, who loves horses, could not resist,
not to Pat him gently on the withers. However, the reaction of the animal was a surprise — a pony managed to grab jams and a bunch of flowers from a bouquet presented to
before that, Elizabeth. And when the Queen hastily hid the rest of the bouquet for
back, the pony reached out for the flowers in her bonnet!
And only after that, the Queen finally allowed himself to raise his voice. “And
well piss off, you hooligan!” — strictly shouted Elizabeth a pony. But
seeing that one of the guards was obviously going to punish the animal, she hastened
to justify it. “Nothing can be done, they are very fond of flowers…” — muttered
it. This incident was, thankfully, exhausted.