Has died eks-the participant “A Studio”

Скончался экс-участник «А'Студио» It became known that retired from the life of famous Kazakhstani guitarist Bulat Syzdykov, who was involved in the founding of the popular group. During his life he participated in several music projects and was awarded the title “Honored art worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Syzdykova friends mourn his passing.


    Скончался экс-участник «А'Студио»

    Died 59-year-old Bulat Syzdykov, a well-known musician and former member of the band “A Studio”. Information about this posted on his Instagram friend and colleague Syzdykova Baigali Serkebayev. “Today died Bulat Syzdykov… My condolences to the family and all who knew this amazing, magical, with, a devotee of his work as a musician” — shared Baigali with fans.

    Subscribers Serkebayev has not remained indifferent to his grief and made him my sincere condolences. Some of them couldn’t believe that a famous actor died. “Is it true? I’m in shock”, “Rest in peace”, “please Accept my sincere condolences”, “Deepest condolences,” “I don’t believe… a Close friend of my father… rest in peace, uncle Bulat”, “wow”, “Talents to go”, — they expressed their emotions. Many fans of “A Studio” written in Kazakh “Kandy, bolsin”, which translates as “RIP”.

    Bulat Syzdykov was born in 1956 in the city of Karaganda. He is known in Kazakhstan guitarist, composer and arranger of the group “Musicola”. Syzdykov was part of “A Studio” since the founding of the team and up until the early 90-ies, when the musician came Baglan Sadvakasov. Before there was “A Studio” Bulat along with Baigali Serkebayev, Vladimir Mikloshich, Najib Vildanova and Batyrkhan Shukenov played in the band “Arai” compositions in the style of jazz-rock.

    Syzdykov has witnessed that fateful moment when the band recorded the song “Julia”. It was the lucky ticket talented children from Kazakhstan to the world of show business. After I heard the song Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva, “A Studio” met with Donna in Moscow. She offered them a job in his theater. Without any hesitation the band agreed, having decided to change their name to catchy and easy. From that moment on she became known as “A Studio”.

    After Syzdykov left a successful group, he worked in a music project-the play “the American in “Restructuring” under the direction of Maxim Dunaevsky. In 1992 Bulat founds the group “Musicola” together with singer Karina Abdullina. In 2012 Bulat Syzdykova was given the title “Honoured art worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

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