Has changed beyond recognition: Gluk’oza made “plastic”

Изменилась до неузнаваемости: Глюк'оZа сделала «пластику»
The singer “tried on” an unusual way.

Photo: Instagram

All the beautiful girls star always suspected plastic surgery, but for the most part their beautiful appearance is the result of regular visits to a good cosmetologist. But there comes a time when this is not enough. And then the girls go to the surgeons.

31-year-old singer Gluk’oza prefers to evolve with the help of cosmetics. In particular, for the filming of a private beauty bloga invited celebrity makeup artist Vadim Andreev.

“This man knows how to do plastic surgery tassel!” — says Natasha.

The fact that the makeup artist so skillfully does makeup that the result is quite comparable with the miracle of plastic surgery. Vadim made the singer “rhinoplasty” — turned her snub nose in a straight line. Changed shape and volume of the lips by using lipsticks and a pencil. Achieved change eye shape with eyeliner and unusual red (!) shadows. In the end, Natalia was completely not like himself.

“I’m usually very conservative in the colors of the make — confessed star in a personal blog. — And me very important your opinion!”

Despite the fact that the Network accepted more blame and criticize each other, the fans appreciated the unexpected way Glyuk’ozy. And the negative comments sounded like: “the Beauty does not spoil!”