Стало известно, какого мужчину ищет Ольга Бузова
On the rope, TNT began the casting of a “female” version of the show “the Bachelor.”

Photo: Instagram

It’s been a week after on TV there was a channel named Olga Buzova, as it became known that TNT will be another reality show on the TV. It will be a “female” version of the project “the Bachelor,” in which I was once looking for their other halves Evgeny Levchenko, Timur Batrutdinov, Maxim Cherniavsky, Alexei Vorobyov. Now on TV there is a season with Egor Creed.

Now (apparently, the live show will be released in early fall) to look for his fiancé will be Olga. Channel TNT announced casting for all who want to become the most beloved Buzova. However, potential participants of the project presented quite stringent requirements.

It must be ambitious and accomplished (read: wealthy) men from 18 to 40 years. Of course, they may not be joined in marriage. Of preferred professions Olga had the following to say: the creative personality and office workers, athletes, start-I, the military, the participants of the reality show, research workers, pros.

In addition, an interactive questionnaire men have to give a link to your account in any social network to which they belong. The editors will evaluate the “interestingness” of the character, and then show Buzova, which, as they say, on social networks, “the dog ate”.

Along with the selected twenty-six candidates for the hand and heart of His leave in some very romantic country, where he will be charged show. Will he find his love in this leading reality show “Dom-2”, time will tell.

In a recent interview with Olga admitted that appreciates a decent and honest men who do not change their principles and do not substitute friends. Itself Buzova considers a very faithful person. To the question about what she called the main driving force, she said, “Love.”

“No sex from me almost two years, said Olga. — Love in all forms is key, what makes people tick and the world. And I still believe it.”