У трехмесячной дочки Ольги Рапунцель появилась вторая мама
The star of “House-2” marked a very important event.

Olga Rapunzel with her husband Dmitry, a daughter and his mother Tatiana

Photo: Social networks

Three months ago, Olga Rapunzel for the first time became a mother. Only recently, the star of “House-2” is dubbed little daughter, whose name is still secret. The Ordinance passed in one of capital churches without large concentrations of people: at the baptism was attended by only close to the reality star. After that Olga and her husband Dmitry and friends went to the restaurant to celebrate an important event.

“It has happened an important event very important in the life day. The baptism of our daughter. Thanks to our godmother. Now our little one is a spiritual mother and now you my love protects the guardian angel!” — shared joy Rapunzel.

Although Olga and tells the fans had to name her, they assume she was given the name Love. The girl’s name, sure the fans that are encrypted in hostage star electroni — #mealybug that it uses under all the pictures of the baby. In addition, talking about the daughter, Olga several times wrote the word “love” with a capital letter.

A few days ago, Olga and Dmitriy celebrated their wedding anniversary. According to Rapunzel, the first year of family life has been difficult. “What was he like? Good, bad, and sad, and beautiful, we get this far and overcome, the main thing we are together and kept our family!” — sure, Olga.