Харви Вайнштейн сдался полиции
The famous producer was sent to a detention cell.

Harvey Weinstein

The story of the sex scandal surrounding the once-powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein
reached a climax. Today Harvey on the advice of his
lawyer voluntarily surrendered to the police. In front of a crowd of reporters
he was under escort taken to the premises of the police Department of new York.
Here he was placed in a cell pre-detention and remain there until brought before a judge. It needs
will determine the measure of restraint and decide whether to release him on bail, and
if Yes, then what amount it will need to be made.

Harvey was walking next
police without handcuffs, holding a few books which he
apparently, going to read in the chamber. It is worth noting the position of the producer looks
very serious. He was already charged with one rape in the first
degree and second — third. The first victim’s name was not disclosed.

All statements to the police on
Harvey had already written about 80 women. Now he faced only two charges
because the investigation in the remaining cases has not been completed. The list of officially
accused him of crimes may increase.

Action Weinstein has already been declared a Federal crime
level. Recall, the charges against Harvey were nominated Ashley Judd, rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderlini Jolie, Uma
Thurman and many other Hollywood Actresses.