Харви Вайнштейн подаст в суд на Уму Турман

Recently released a big interview in which the actress Uma Thurman spoke about the rape as a child and harassment Harvey Weinstein. The producer learned about the history and is already preparing a lawsuit against the 47-year-old actress.

Харви Вайнштейн подаст в суд на Уму Турман

“Statement of Mrs. Thurman, she made the New York Times magazine, will carefully examine and investigate, before a decision will be made whether such proceedings against her court case,” commented attorney Weinstein Benjamin Brafman and noted that the producer was shocked and saddened by the statements Thurman, because he worked closely with her for a long time and did not expect that now she will behave.

The lawyer was surprised that actress ideal 25 years before to make a statement. “Why she waited 25 years before making these statements? He thought she was his colleague and friend, and they had an excellent working relationship, which resulted in several successful projects,” said Brafman.

Representatives of the Weinstein published photos from events that “demonstrate a strong friendship between him and Uma Thurman”. “We would like to New York Times published these pictures. Harvey Weinstein admits that misread the actress when they were in Paris, bringing behaved unacceptably in relation to it. He’s very sorry about it. However, her allegations of physical contact are not true. And these photos are proof that they have had a great relationship.”— told representatives of the producer.

Харви Вайнштейн подаст в суд на Уму Турман
Recall that after the filming of “pulp fiction” in 1994, the producer began to ingratiate himself with the Actresses, making her a lot of compliments. “He could spend hours discussing the material with me, showered with praise, to say that I’m smart. Perhaps this lulled my vigilance.”the beginning of the story Thurman.

The preparatory “work” was a success and even the first questionable incident seemed to Mind not strange. Actress and producer stayed in a Parisian hotel to discuss the script, Weinstein suddenly appeared before a girl in a robe under which was nothing. He decided to take the actress to the sauna. “I wasn’t afraid of him. It seemed to me a sort of eccentric uncle with their quirks and all. So I quietly followed him down the corridor, and we were in the sauna. I’m all in black leather clothing — boots, trousers, jacket, sauna is very hot… anyway, I told him that all this ridiculous, and asked him what we were doing here. He wound up, jumped out and ran away.»

The mind should have a closer look at the behavior of Weinstein, because the second time he did not stand on ceremony, and immediately proceeded to action. “He knocked me down, started rubbing on me, trying to get a hold of me. Did all those horrible things. But it didn’t work out. I fought like an animal, writhing lizard. I was ready to do anything to be saved,” says the actress about the case in the London hotel “Savoy”.