Харви Вайнштейн ответила на обвинения Сальмы Хайек в домогательствах

Sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein and other actors quieted down a bit, but new stories will not cease to appear. Actress Salma Hayek for a long time looked at what was happening, but decided not to remain silent and tell his story. It turned out she also suffered from indecent behavior Weinstein during the filming of the movie “Frida” (Frida) in 2002, but was able to refuse all suggestions of the producer. Harvey Weinstein denied the words of the Mexican actress, stating that witnesses who were at the time of filming, other memories about what was happening then.

Харви Вайнштейн ответила на обвинения Сальмы Хайек в домогательствах

Representative Weinstein Holly Baird told the press his words. “All allegations of sexual harassment presented by Salma incorrect, have other witnesses to these events, preserved other memories of the incident,” written in an official message producer.

In the text that Baird presented Baird USA Today says that the producer “doesn’t remember” that he was forced Hayek to shoot with another woman in the Nude, however, he considers this the logical scene for the movie “Frida”, as the artist Frida Kahlo was bisexual.

The early Hayek in the pages of The New York Times said that Weinstein molested her and did not behave decently. “Harvey Weinstein was an avid movie buff, a patron of talents, a loving father and a monster. For many years he was my monster,” since the beginning of the story the actress.

“Many women spoke about what Harvey did to them, so I had to confront his own cowardice and recognize that my story was just a drop in the ocean. Until recently, I felt that no one cares about my pain. Perhaps this idea has been in my head because I have heard many times, mostly from Harvey, that I’m a nobody,” says the actress.

It turned out, the actress was naive, thought that working with Weinstein and his company will be as in “fairy tale”. “I was so happy to work with him and his company. Naively thought that my dream has come true,” says Hayek.

She said that Weinstein did not hesitate to offer her obscene things, on each of which the actress refused. “It was my turn to say the word “no” in response to his attempts to open the door at any hour of the night, to invite to the hotel room, take a shower together. No request to see me shower. No offer to give me a massage. No, no, no… ” written from the words of the actress in the magazine.