Ганвест показал свою возлюбленную
Rapper Canwest never talks about his personal life.

Ганвест показал свою возлюбленную

For all the time on stage, the fans hardly noticed at least once next to the girl., but now everything has changed.

Fans Hanvesta for two days to discuss the artwork and the new track “the Bride”. In the photo, the rapper is in the suit the groom beside the girl in a wedding dress. Followers believe that, therefore, the artist hints at the impending wedding, and the girl his lover.

Ганвест показал свою возлюбленную

“Tili-tili dough, you’re my bride,” “I dress white I give you and down the aisle I’ll lead you” – sings the rapper, who has previously not distinguished in this text.
So now fans scratching their heads. Is it true that Canwest married and who the girl next to him?

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