Harry styles refuses to define her sexuality

Гарри Стайлз отказывается определять свою сексуальность

Harry styles, famous British singer and former member of popular band “One Direction” has become famous also its high-profile romances with singer Taylor swift and TV star Caroline Flack, but until now, 23-year-old singer refuses to define themselves as heterosexual.

In an interview with The Sun, Harry praised American colleague Miley Cyrus, who said that he is not going to define their sexual orientation. But recall now the singer – without five minutes the wife of Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, and it also says something. But Harry believes that “everyone is free to be whatever you wish.”
“When you work on a creative career, you think more progressive. I support those who are not afraid to speak out about his sexuality, but for me it doesn’t fit. I believe that everyone can be whatever you want. I don’t have to answer someone else’s stupidity regarding my orientation. I don’t need it, I’m not obliged to explain anything,” said Stiles, and made intrigue.
Groupies Harry, and a lot of them around the world, suggested that such statements Stiles simply wants to keep the audience with a different sexual orientation.
Recall that from Taylor swift the musician met from 2012 to 2013, and even now from time to time the former lovers allude to each other in their songs. For example, the composition of the singer “I Knew You Were Trouble and Style” is definitely about Stiles, and his track “Ever Since New York”, no doubt dedicated to Taylor.