Гарри Стайлз договорился с Columbia Records на запись 3 сольных альбомов стоимостью $80 миллионов

The British boy band won a few years ago the hearts of millions, is going through extremely difficult times. One Direction recently announced a creative break, where the boys can have a rest from each other, gain strength and recharge your emotions to write new songs and albums.

But I think back to the reunion would be unlikely. This assumption media made taking into account the fact that one of the brightest singers of the band signed a new lucrative contract for himself, which involves a full load artist.

We are talking about Harry Styles and his deal with the Studio recording Columbia Records.

The press became aware that Harry waiting three solo albums, which in total will bring him an earnings of $ 80 million.

Note that Harry Stiles – the person is quite popular. For the right to work with him a few months ago fought several record companies, but in the end Columbia Records “surpassed” competitors, offering Harry a guaranteed 3 Studio work.

By the way, in addition to career of a solo artist in the near future, Harry styles tries his hand still in the film industry — currently, the singer is shot in the new war drama “Dunkirk” from the famous Director Christopher Nolan.

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