«Гарри Поттер и проклятое дитя» покажут на Бродвее

In April of the following year the theatrical production of “Harry Potter and the cursed child” show on Broadway. As reported by the trap of the media, the premiere on the most famous stages of the world will be held in April next year.

This year the franchise made a splash in London and is expected to play, received nine statuettes Olivier Awards, going to be less popular in the United States. It is not known whether to change the cast, or the Broadway play all the same Jamie Parker, Anthony Boyle and Dumezweni Noma, which this year received many prestigious theatrical awards. By the way, next spring on Broadway will also be released and the theatrical version of “Charmed.”
Recall that the “Harry Potter and the cursed child” was never filmed. Such was the desire of its author JK Rowling, who wrote the last book about Harry Potter. Now, however, negotiations about how to create a film version of the play.