Harrison Ford saddened by the serious illness of the woman

Харрисон Форд опечален тяжелой болезнью любимой женщины
Ford wished the actress recovery.

Харрисон Форд опечален тяжелой болезнью любимой женщины

Harrison Ford


As admitted by Harrison Ford, he was “shocked and
deeply saddened” incident with actress Carrie Fisher, famous for
its role as Princess Leia in “Star wars”. On his page in the social network
Ford wished Carrie, with whom he once was close,

A sudden illness 60-year-old Carrie, who survived
clinical death two days ago, has amazed her fans and colleagues in show business. A
of them, like Ford, send her your well wishes. So, Mark Hamill,
played in “star wars” Luke Skywalker, wrote on his page that “sends
her my love.”

Meanwhile, while the actress managed to return to
life, thanks to the efforts of the doctor, who happened to be among the passengers on Board
the plane, her condition remains “stable but serious”. It all
still in intensive care and doctors still do not venture to pull the plug on her
artificial respiration.

Recall that the heart Carrie suddenly stopped in
the time of her flight to Los Angeles from London, where she took part in
the advertising company of the book of his memoirs. At the airport, where the plane landed
it was waiting for the ambulance, which took her to the hospital.

This incident was all full
surprise, because the last time the 60-year-old Carrie looked particularly energetic
and happy. In the past year
her return in the “big movie” after a long break — she starred in the seventh part of the Saga “Star
war.” Carrie signed the contract and in the role the following is the eighth film
franchise. No less interest was aroused and her memoirs. Indeed, during the promotional
the company the actress made a surprise announcement: she spoke about her longtime
the novel, with Harrison Ford, which, incidentally,
in the movie played her lover – the captain of the starship of Han Solo.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in “Star wars”