Харрисон Форд сам спас себе жизнь
The actor told how he survived in the accident.

Харрисон Форд сам спас себе жизнь

Harrison Ford

Photo: Outnow.ch

Unlike the most famous of their
characters Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford knows how to make friends. And this has helped him in difficult situations.

“It was
so: I went from the hotel to the centre of London and I saw in the Park landed
helicopter. Same as me, ” said the actor. — I went, and we got to talking with the pilot. It
was a former chief of medical and rescue helicopter service
London. We even exchanged phone numbers”.

And the next day Ford starred in the film “Star wars: the Force awakens” and there was an accident. “This could be very symbolic — the pilot of a spaceship Han
Solo, buried under his own spaceship, ” smiles Harrison. — Fortunately, I just remembered about my new friend. And when a huge chunk
steel fell on my foot, I had to call. I knew that leg
broken in different places. But in those
minutes troubled me was the ride in the car “first aid” in one of the
clinics in London. Long and painful probably. I asked him to bring mobile
the phone and called my new friend. Thus, he saved his life and organized his
delivery to the hospital by air.

Fate belongs to the actor is clearly favorable: not so long ago he was able
to survive a crash, piloting his own plane. Experts say that only
composure and brilliant skill Ford helped to avoid disaster: he
landed the plane with a dead engine, and on the Golf course, away from
homes. Often people, having survived such tests, completely changing my life…

“I only managed to climb as it became clear — the engine is stopped
to work and it is urgent to land, ” recalls Harrison. Even scared of him. And little
I remember from the time when the Manager allowed me to land at the airport
Santa Monica, where I came from. In General, woke up in the hospital… But my head
not come to throw the fly. My wife, fortunately,
understand that there is meaning to persuade me to give up love to the sky.(Third
Ford’s wife Calista Flockhart younger actor for 22 years. The couple are raising
adopted son Calista, 15-year-old Liam, whom Ford adopted. — Approx. ed
She knows that I will feel miserable and do not want this.”

Interview with Harrison Ford here.

Harrison Ford in the movie “Star wars: the force Awakening”

Photo: Outnow.ch

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