Harrison Ford created an emergency situation at the airport

Харрисон Форд создал аварийную ситуацию в аэропорту
Ford can take away a pilot’s license.

Harrison Ford

Yesterday error Harrison Ford, who was at the controls of his plane, almost
led to a serious accident. Single-engine “Husky” actor was about to crash into a large passenger “Boeing”. This was reported online edition of dailymail.co.uk.

It happened when the plane 74-year-old Ford was landing at the airport of Santa Monica. According to the recording, an air traffic controller, who led the landing, “Husky”, clearly pointed out to him the runway. However, Ford made a mistake and his plane
sat on the other — where was accelerated to take off, the airliner Boeing737, on Board of which there were 110 passengers. The accident, which could lead to a large
the number of victims managed to be avoided only by a miracle. Now Ford threatened
serious trouble. Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation into this incident. For
violation of the instructions of the dispatcher and creating a dangerous situation at the Harrison can
to acquire a pilot’s license. Such a prospect is extremely concerned about the actor, because he’s not
once admitted, flying is his greatest passion.

As you know,
this is not the first incident of Ford, associated with the control plane. The
a serious case was the accident that happened in 2015 when his “flying car” crashed on a Golf course,
as a result, Harrison was seriously wounded. However, then the incident
wasn’t Ford, and the mechanics who conducted the inspection and are not eliminated
the engine malfunction before flight. But when the helicopter, which then
learned to fly Harrison, made through his fault a hard landing, nearly killing him
and his instructor, Ford received a strict warning. Another accident
happened in 2000, when they operated the aircraft at landing was rolled out for
the limits of the runway receiving damage. Whose fault was the incident remained unclear.