Harrison Ford again suffered in the aviakerosene

Харрисон Форд снова пострадал в авиакрушении

Harrison Ford should stop to flirt with death, but the Hollywood actor loves the sky more than life itself. Actor again almost killed by the fault of the aircraft assets and their negligence.

The incident occurred on 13 February at the airport, John Wayne Airport in orange County, California. Harryston was going to land (of course, as a pilot of his plane), and accidentally rammed another plane. After it became known that Ford simply did not understand the instructions of traffic controllers during the landing. Fortunately, cost only injuries the Harryston, but the danger was high – he only narrowly rammed American Airlines plane, with 116 passengers expected the flight to Dallas.
Recall that in 2015 due to problems with the engine of his vintage plane during the Second world war, Ford was forced to make an emergency landing on a Golf course in Santa Monica. Then the actor broke his arm and injured his head.