Стройность Екатерины Климовой вызывает зависть у фанатов Fans do not get tired to admire the figure of mothers of large families. Ekaterina Klimova nine months ago gave birth to fourth child, daughter Bella. For a short time, the actress has managed to lose the extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy.

      Famous actress and mother of four children Yekaterina Klimova amazes fans with her figure. Unlike many celebrities who consistently demonstrated in his hard training in the gym or your diet, the actress leaves the secrets of harmony. She has further fuelled the interest of fans who are still trying to figure out how Klimova manage not to gain extra pounds.

      Catherine posted a photo in the microblog. The picture shows the artist riding his bike in free dress. Despite the fact that the outfit is absolutely not tight a figure of the actress, fans could not help but notice that the actress keeps herself in shape.

      “How can you have such a figure, having given birth to four children. I just admire! Not a woman, but a fairy tale”, “legs”, “Athlete”, “give Birth to four children and so chic look. Health to you and a lot of interesting roles,” did not stop the enthusiastic comments, many fans of the celebrity.

      A mother does not hesitate to appear in a swimsuit in front of thousands of fans, who follow each post her microblog in the social network. Nine months ago, Catherine gave birth to a daughter Bela to his wife Gela Meskhi. Just a few weeks, the actress is completely returned to its former shape.

      Moreover, Klimov admitted that now she and 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth is almost the same size clothes. And more recently, the taste of girls has changed, and she began to like things that are chosen by the mother.

      “Until recently, Lisa strongly disliked everything I bought her. Now she is grown up and wearing my things, the things we choose together. I’m glad she has her own taste. When she slowly began to paint my cosmetics, I did not interfere,” said Catherine.

      Klimov confesses that trying to keep yourself in shape constantly.

      “I’m working on it! Can’t say I always eat right, but I aspire to it. We usually think in weekends and holidays to relax, and then somehow pohudeem. But why recruit, and then dump? I try to find time for Spa treatments, like massage, swimming pool. My car is always a gym bag so after the show you can go to the fitness club, and a bottle of water without gas. You want to eat? Have a drink,” advises Catherine.

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