“Hard work gave Dr. Lisa powers”: close I remember, what was the human rights activist

«Тяжелая работа дарила Доктору Лизе силы»: близкие вспоминают, какой была правозащитница Social activist died in a plane crash a year ago. Elizaveta Glinka is actively involved in charity work and helped many in need who he met on life’s journey. Shortly before the anniversary of the tragedy on the shelves appeared a publication dedicated to this woman.
«Тяжелая работа дарила Доктору Лизе силы»: близкие вспоминают, какой была правозащитница

Elizaveta Glinka was a famous Russian. It is often called the most generous man in the country. The woman actively participated in charities and helped the poor, visited the hot spots. In 2007, she founded the Fund “Fair use”, which operates after her tragic death.

Dr. Lisa died in a plane crash December 25, 2016. She accompanied the consignment of drugs sent to Syria. The deaths of Glinka was a shock to her many friends and acquaintances. So, friend, public figure, journalist Ksenia Sokolova, still cannot come to terms with the tragedy.

“Elizabeth Glinka was very hard work. She experienced negative emotions on a daily basis. But instead of burning out this work somehow gave her strength. She was not afraid of death, human suffering, had a unique ability to process difficult experiences. Perhaps this helped her a lot of love,” said Sokolov.
«Тяжелая работа дарила Доктору Лизе силы»: близкие вспоминают, какой была правозащитница

Elizabeth is really happy in marriage. With attorney Gleb Glinka, she raised three sons. Senior heirs of a public figure now living in Miami, and the youngest, adopted by couple child remained in Russia.

In the past year, husband of Dr. Lisa rarely gave comments on the tragedy. I think he still has not coped with the incident. To honor the memory of the beloved man helped to gather information for dedicated to her books.

The publication, entitled “Doctor Liza Glinka: “I’m always on the side of the weak”: the Diaries, conversations” was released shortly before the first anniversary of the tragedy. Spouse public figure wrote for the book, the afterword, in which he tried briefly to talk about the activities of his wife.

“She was proud and boasted of the fact that “her” homeless were the most well-groomed, the elegantly dressed and shod, wearing all the most trendy manufacturers. Is explained by the fact that the wives of the oligarchs, when I discovered the adventures of their husbands, gathered their entire closet and brought it to Dr. Lisa for the needy in her basement, killing two birds with one stone,” recalled Glinka.

In memory of Dr. Lisa in Donetsk has installed a memorial plaque. She appeared on the building of the TMO “Family and health”. The brainchild of Glinka, its Fund “Fair aid”, founded in 2007, is also actively developing.

On the eve of the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Lisa had some disturbing information about the financial activities of the organization. As it turned out, the new Director of social services, who became a close friend of Glinka Ksenia Sokolova, irrational disbursing funds. According to some reports, the head of the organization raised his salary five times.

Journalists reported that the Director of the Foundation Kseniya Sokolova expanded its staff and moved to an office in the center of Moscow. For this room it supposedly monthly pay 172 thousand rubles. Also the lion’s share of the organization’s budget is spent on staff salaries, which were significantly increased. According to documents at the disposal of the media, with Dr. Lisa the salaries of employees does not exceed 30 thousand rubles.

Anyway, Hlinka still alive in the hearts of people. Many whom she helped, I still remember a public figure. They hope that the Fund, in which Dr. Lisa has put his soul and all his strength, will continue to exist and provide support to those who need it.

This article used information from the sites “REN TV”, “Trudge” “the New newspaper”.