Счастливы вместе: Сандра Баллок и Брайан Рэндалл живут вместе

Six months later, relations photographer Brian Randall has moved in with actress Sandra Bullock and, according to insiders, is going to propose to her.

Novel 51-year-old actress Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock) and 49-year-old photographer and former male model Bryan Randall (Bryan Randall) began in the summer of 2015. They met through friends, and in August, Bullock and Randall came together for the wedding of Jennifer aniston (Jennifer Aniston) and Justin Theroux (Justin Theroux). In February 2016 the actress and the photographer began to live together: the insider E! News reported that Brian Randall has officially moved to Balloch.

“He has his own house, but now he spends all his time with Sandra. Brian loves her children as his own. He is a great dad. Sandra glows with happiness with him”, — said the source. According to him, friends Bullock and Randall think that the pair will soon announce their engagement.

Счастливы вместе: Сандра Баллок и Брайан Рэндалл живут вместе

Sandra Bullock has two adopted children — five-year-Luis (Louis) and three-year-old Laila (Laila). Boy she adopted in 2010 shortly before breaking up with American TV host Jesse James (Jesse James). Lila Bullock took over education in the fall of 2015, although the documents for the issue of guardianship was filed in 2012.

Brian Randall has an adult daughter mother — 22-year-old Skylar (Skylar).

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