Happy Birthday, Britney Spears: how varied her most iconic outfits

С Днем Рождения, Бритни Спирс: как менялись её самые знаковые наряды

С Днем Рождения, Бритни Спирс: как менялись её самые знаковые наряды

How quickly the time passed! Britney Spears is now 38 years old, and we look back at how her iconic costumes over the years changed in her music videos and performances, which was especially memorable to her fans.

And who doesn’t remember “Oh, baby, baby”. Britney Spears was only 16 years old when she blew the audience on the music scene in his music video “Baby One More Time” in 1998. Her school outfit with a bold knotted white blouse, black mini skirt and grey tights made her a legend in one night. December 2, the singer turned 38 years old and we look back at her most iconic outfits, which literally changed the history of music video, and made it the way we know it.

С Днем Рождения, Бритни Спирс: как менялись её самые знаковые наряды

And it seemed that her school outfit is impossible to beat, but she was able to do it. Britney did it with his iconic red slinky jumpsuit “Oops, I did it again”. This image is so remarkable that even today people wear it as a Halloween costume because it is very recognizable. And, of course, the dance that she sang in the choir, is that every Britney fan knows by heart. Then she blew all of us performing the song at the awards ceremony MTV Video Music Awards 2000 performing the song in tight transparent glittering costume from a tiny crop top and low rise pants. Her electric dance performance was one of the highlights of the VMAs.

Britney continued to surprise their fans with their appearances, wearing a green sparkly bra and low shorts for boys, when she performed “Slave For You” at the VMAs 2001, carrying over his head the white snake boa constrictor. Suits her music videos continued to grow since her 2003 video for her iconic song “Toxic” — which, according to Britt, is her favorite song in her long catalogue. She saw her as a sexy stewardess who seduced a hot passenger.
In addition to music videos, Britney shocked with their appearances and the red carpet, her bows still inspire artists. In 2001, she wore a denim strapless dress at the American Music Awards, which matched all denim suit then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Coordinated outfits became such a sensation that Katy Perry dressed in the identical clothes at the VMAs 2014, while her friend tried on a suit of Justin.
Britney continued to stun fans with his incredible body in tight costumes in 2013. She was in good shape and wore incredible outfits that most performers will never be able to wear, not to mention her intense dance routine. Happy Birthday, Britney! You gave us so many amazing moments, as a sign of pop culture, and we wish you many more years.

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