Happy birthday, Alla Borisovna!

С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна! “StarHit” gathered the brightest events in the life of the artist over the past year. Diva always becomes the center of attention, appearing at various events. And relatives say the incredible warmth, kindness and caring, which diva domestic platform tries to surround their loved ones.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Today the prima Donna of the Russian show business Alla Pugacheva celebrates 67th birthday. For a long time, the Diva remains interesting to the audience and is always in the limelight. Fans are delighted at the ease with which the singer tries on different images that fit her completely.

      For many, the Diva manages to be a true friend, protector and sometimes even a lifesaver. Genuine interest and small children of Alla Borisovny, Lisa and Harry, who is not yet three years old. “StarHit” decided to recall the brightest moments from the life of Alla Borisovny in the past year.

      Care Grand nephew

      After retiring from the life of a sibling Diva, Eugene B., his son Vlad exacerbated long-standing disease, and the nerves were paralyzed leg. Alla Borisovna simply are unable to stay out of such grief of her relatives and found a good clinic abroad. But, preparing to leave, in the family of nephew Pugacheva happened to another misfortune – wife Vika went to the hospital after an exacerbation of tuberculosis. Vlad had to go to treatment and did not know under whose supervision leaving a young son Eugene. And, seemingly, hopeless situation, Alla Borisovna could help. At the time she was in Israel, but still unable to solve the problem at a distance. She asked her assistant Igor to take the kid to the country, where he will remain under the care of two nannies. Alla Borisovna, and to this misfortune was interested in the life of the little Zhenya is constantly called, gave gifts, helped financially.

      In the family of Alla Pugacheva appeared fourth child

      This new year’s baby welcomed at the Palace Pugacheva and Galkina, where he met with Harry and Lisa. Vlad Pugachev is still in Israel under the supervision of doctors and hoped that at the end of the summer will be able to return to Moscow. Now he regularly calls up his son. Moreover, the Diva decided to give the relatives an apartment that Vlad will be able to move as soon as is completed in treatment in tel Aviv.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Home photo

      Many celebrities do not allow themselves to appear in public without makeup and a good hairstyle. That’s why all the fans wondering what exactly their favorite artists in real life. Stylist Diva Alisher decided to provide this opportunity and has posted a home photo of Alla Pugacheva, without resorting to photoshop. The singer met the designer in a loose gown, without a gram of makeup on her face, and her hair was just dissolved. Fans were amazed at how a celebrity looks at home, and noted that it is in great shape. Most of them admired slim and fit legs Pugacheva. Fans noted that the bail striking appearance – healthy sleep, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      The experiments with the image

      Alla Pugacheva this year has repeatedly surprised the public with unsurpassed images. At various social events the emergence of the Divas immediately attract the attention of all the audience and fans scrutinizing every outfit of the legendary singer. Even the slightest detail did not escape the vigilant eyes of the fans. But the real furore was caused by the image of a rock diva. On the photo Pugacheva posing in tight jeans, showing slim legs, stylish black tunic and denim jacket. Complement outfit and black sunglasses, the bag and the rim. Wine and lipstick color perfectly completed the image of a stylish Diva.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      The furor on the “New wave”

      Popular song contest “New wave” opens to the public, not only young talented performers, but also becomes a large-scale event for famous celebrities. Last year in Sochi the image of Alla Pugacheva literally outshines all others. Singer noticeably changed – phenomenally-shaped, and has tried a new image. She decided to cut off a fringe that refreshed its appearance. In the Network for a long time did not abate discussion of this ambitious but highly successful step nationwide darling. Fans were filled with words of admiration from a new image of the diva of the Russian stage.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Grown-up children, Lisa and Harry

      In September 2013, in the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin came the twins. Children born from a surrogate mother, it was decided to call Lisa and Harry. All fans were pricked in their every appearance of pictures of star kids in the press. But once in the Network appeared pictures of kids since the birth of the four daughters of Philip Kirkorov, Alla-Victoria, the public were able to see the grown heirs Pugacheva and Galkina.

      In the Network appeared a touching photo Pugacheva and Galkin with children

      The footage literally blew up the Internet community that discussed and admired by the kids. Blonde beauty Lisa practically spent the whole evening on his mother, and his son Harry pose in the hands of the Pope. Fans, still, they reasoned, who are more like toddlers.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      The emergence of Instagram

      A sensation for all fans of Alla Pugacheva became her appearance in the popular social network “Instagram”. Joy advanced users no bounds. They were happy that we can now be much closer to my favorite. In just a few hours more than 20 thousands of social network users subscribed to a page Divas. In some of the first publications in the microblog Pugacheva began to appear, of course, beloved heirs. Every photo and video he collected a huge number of likes and hundreds of comments. Many noted that Lisa and Harry grow very artistic and direct. And little Lisa fans referred to him as a little Princess.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Reconciliation is inevitable

      After a protracted quarrel, which some years ago broke out between the singer and the songwriter Ilya Reznik, the renowned Marty Estrada announced that they had reconciled. At the end of the anniversary concert by Raimonds Pauls Ilya Rahmielevich with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers went backstage with the Diva.

      Ilya Reznik for the first time openly spoke about the fight with Pugacheva

      Apparently, celebs were still able to make it up, because after half an hour spent in the dressing room of Alla Borisovny, the poet came out very enthusiastic, and the questions about the fight were told that they never swore. Reznik also said they are waiting for joint work and new songs.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Walk around Moscow

      In mid-March, Alla Pugacheva decided to walk around the center of the capital. She also went into GUM, and surprised all the passers-by. Diva was in good spirits and posed for everyone and gave autographs. Many were also impressed with the way that chose Alla for walking – bright red dress, which emphasized the great figure of the singer, black hat, buckle shoes on the platform. But add a stylish outfit massive jewelry. For many passers-by meeting with the prima Donna has a real gift in spring day.

      С днем рождения, Алла Борисовна!

      Unknown daughter of Alla Borisovny

      Alla Borisovna directly involved not only in the life of a beloved heirs, and other relatives. Her God-daughter Anastasia told “StarHit” the role of the Diva in her life. Girlfriend from childhood lives in Lithuania with her mother Marina, a spiritual mentor communicates over the phone. The family Pugacheva and father of Anastasia, businessman Anzori Kikalishvili, have been friends for over 30 years. When they had a daughter, Anastasia, as godmother for her was only considered one candidate. Alla Borisovna often, talking heart to heart with Anastasia – gives advice, points out how important it is to study well and achieve something in life. The girl always knows that if she need help, she can always count on my godmother’s mother.

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