Happiness love peace: Strizhenova concealed the birth of a son

Счастье любит тишину: Стриженова скрыла рождение сына
In the family presenter had a baby.

Photo: @anastasia_strizhenova Instagram Anastasia Strizhenova

Ekaterina Strizhenova, as it turned out, 10 days ago, first became a grandmother. The eldest daughter is the TV presenter hid the birth of his son. Only today, the 30-year-old Anastasia admitted that for more than a week is ecstatic about the birth of our first son. In his microblog she thanked her husband, Peter Grishchenko for his son, who apparently was named in honor of the Pope. This follows from the publication of Anastasia.

“I’m 30 today and I am in euphoria. Peter-thank you Peter-son Peter-son, thank you for making me the happiest mom in the world has as many as 10 days! Mom and dad, thank you that you gave me such an incredible life. And Yes, happiness love peace, but I want to cry today is about love!” writes Strizhenova.

Mother Anastasia Catherine has helped her daughter to keep a secret and not a word is said about the birth of a grandson. Now that the mystery is revealed, leading the First channel is likely to share details of the birth of little Peter. Interestingly, the pregnancy daughter Strizhenovoj also tried to keep secret, but shortly before birth, the information about its “position” was leaked to the press. Birth Anastasia went to America where she continuously lives with her husband.