Happened: Robert Pattinson agrees to star in the sequel to “Twilight”!

Свершилось: Роберт Паттинсон согласен сниматься в продолжении «Сумерек»!
The actor has expressed desire again to become a vampire.

Robert Pattinson


vampire Saga “Twilight” excitedly discuss the latest news:
Robert Pattinson, who played in his time in the main role in the movie, said,
he wouldn’t again appear on the screen in the image of Edward Cullen!

Vague rumors
about plans to shoot a sequel of “Twilight”, go for a long time. But
this year one of the senior managers of the Studio Lionsgate — Patrick Wachsberger commented on this
about more specifically. “The fact that the sequel to “Twilight” will be shot — quite possibly.
Now it all depends on the Stephenie Meyer(author
novels, which were taken franchise). If she agrees to create a new
history, we are ready to deal with it!”

And here
the 30-year-old Robert Pattinson, who found out about the possibility of the continuation of the Saga, in
his recent interview was asked how he refers to that again
to play Cullen. And Robert, much to the surprise of the reporter, responded with great
enthusiasm! “I am very interested in it! It might be funny!
It is a pity that there is no source material!” he said, referring to the fact
what Meyer has not yet written the script.

Kristen Stewart, who played the beloved Edward Cullen in the movie, and that
was at one time a friend of Pattinson also managed to comment on the topic
the sequel of “Twilight.” True, unlike Robert, not torn again
to become the beloved of a vampire. But it is completely not opposed to this
the role played by some other actress. “To be honest, I would be interested
to look at it. Although I loved this role and retained on the five-year period
filming emotional memories, this does not mean that I want to play it
again myself!” — admitted Kristen.