Hands gave: Madonna caught on photoshop

Руки выдали: Мадонну поймали на фотошопе

The star will properly handle your pictures before posting them to the network.

Recently, the singer attended a Boxing match in new York and, of course, caught in the lens of the paparazzi, what regretted.

Madonna looks great for her 58 years. On the face of the singer practically no wrinkles, hair is still thick, but hands played with it a cruel joke and gave real age.

Fans began looking at images taken by stealth, and photos, that the star publishes online, and came to the conclusion that each frame outrageous singer photoshop.

Руки выдали: Мадонну поймали на фотошопе
Руки выдали: Мадонну поймали на фотошопе

If you compare the condition of the skin of the hands in the photo without processing, and Instagram, the naked eye will be noticeable a striking difference. Those age wrinkles Madonna completely erases, turning your brush in the hands of a young girl!

After such metamorphoses fans of the star know why she often takes the stage with gloves and photographed them. It is not part of the image or a favorite accessory, but only an attempt to deceive the age.

However, many believe that Madonna’s time to stop with the outrageous, “naked” suits, belts, leather, latex and to accept that she’s no longer 20 or 30 years and be wiser to match the age.

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