Врученный вчера Фрэнсис Макдорманд «Оскар» был украден!
The police managed to apprehend the thief.

The McDormand


“Paleostrovsky” the party has played true crime
history. “Oscar”, handed the McDormand has been stolen! Moreover,
stole the statue the thief was arrested by the police. This information was confirmed
the representative of the Los Angeles Department.

This story happened during the party, Governor’s Ball. Francis, awarded at the ceremony
the prize Award in the category “Best actress”, came along with her husband Joel Cohen to celebrate the victory. She put her Oscar on
the table nearby. But when the event was coming to an end and she was going
home, Francis found that no statues! The actress decided was that we just forgot where you put it. Beginning
look for her everywhere, the quest is joined by the husband.

However, the prize was nowhere, and McDormand
appealed for help to security. They soon realized that this story looks
suspicious, and called the police. As a result of poll of witnesses it became clear that
shortly before the commotion of the party guests saw an unknown man with the “Oscar” in
hands. He didn’t just hold it in my hands, but managed to make him a selfie, and then
still offered to all who wish to be photographed
with a figurine! When police he fled, but was
detained — already on the way to the Elevator, at the exit of the hall.

As guards found out, the kidnapper of the prize name
Terry Bryant, he’s 47 years old. Party man entered on the invitation card,
he somehow managed to get. McDormand, which was absolutely
happy when she returned to her “Oscar”, was asked to let go of the thief, but he was sent to the police station, where he
was charged with Grand theft.