Halliwell said that forced her to live with George Michael

Джери Холлиуэлл рассказала о том, что заставило её жить с Джорджем Майклом

The resignation of George Michael from life at Christmas was a real shock for the whole world. The man died from cardiac arrest. His lifeless body was discovered by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz. The tragedy occurred at the end of December 2016, but the body of the artist still has not been interred.

Numerous examination delayed the funeral of the artist and his relatives and friends just the same, sought to give his body for burial to his family, friends and fans could say goodbye. The number of people that will pay tribute to Michael Halliwell. 44-year-old former spice girl recently told press that she was tied up with George and what made them truly native people.


The singer admitted that after leaving the Spice Girls, George supported her, and took her daughter Bluebell, when they were alone. Musician and supported it financially in a difficult time, gave Jerry’s car and offered to stay with him for as long as she needs.

George during his life made no secret of his reverent relationship with hollywell and her family. According to insiders, Michael even left part of the inheritance of the daughter of Jerry – 11-year-old Bluebell.