Halliwell denies an intimate relationship with Mel b

Джери Холлиуэлл отрицает интимную связь с Мел Би

Melanie brown, a former soloist of group Spice Girls, on the show Piers Morgan said about the intimate relationship with his bandmate. It was a long time ago but caused a stir! Immediately after the announcement, according to insiders, the applicant has realized that it could end badly. Halliwell did not remain silent and responded to the words of colleagues.

Джери Холлиуэлл отрицает интимную связь с Мел Би

A few days after the statement Mel b said that immediately contacted the friend and reported his words: “We know each other for more than 20 years, and it was just one of those things that happens one night. After the interview I wrote to her that he confessed everything at the Pier, but didn’t go into details, so she should not worry. We had a long talk that night, but not only about that, and so friendly. All this was before she got married and she had children!”

Jerry is now happily married with the head of Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing Christian Horner! As expected, the star has denied an intimate relationship, but the tour group is waiting. “Jerry was a shame to read these rumors. She loves the Spice Girls and would like everyone to know that this information is false and harmful to her family. However, she is looking forward to the start of the tour,” reads an official statement from representatives of the star.

“We girls often slept together in one bed, but not with each other. Well, except for some. Jerry would hate me for it, because now she was a noblewoman who lives on the estate with her husband. But the fact is — Yes, we slept together, it was. Morning laughed about it and forgot. It was one time,” said Melanie.

Melanie was well aware that her colleagues will ask about the incident and hoped for her understanding. “I hope when Jerry asks about it (and now after I asked her, necessarily), she did not deny it. It was just fun,” — said the artist.

According to sources, immediately after the program, Melanie doubted the adequate reaction of his colleagues and decided to call her in advance to explain the situation and apologize. The situation is commented on only those closest to the person: “married Christian, Jerry struggled in trying to deal with a frivolous party girl image and become the perfect mother and wife.”

Already in the summer will be a Spice Girls tour, but without Victoria Beckham! Maybe it was just a publicity stunt. Previously, Mel has already made interesting statements and even joked about his colleagues. At the annual party Heidi Klum Halloween was hot and not only because a large number of big-name stars. Mel b decided to play a trick on his former colleague. She made fun of the reluctance of the Wiki again perform the hits with the band and appeared at the event in a slinky black dress and a mask with the face of Beckham. In her hands was a sign saying: “No, I’m not going to tour.” She was accompanied by her friend Gary Madatyan in the image of David Beckham with a sign: “Please do this for fans of the Spice Girls”.

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