Halle berry shared a rare photo of little son

Холли Берри поделилась редким фото маленького сына
The actress posted a touching picture.

Холли Берри поделилась редким фото маленького сына

Halle Berry


Recently Halle berry has pleased his many fans by sharing with them new
the 3-year-old son, Maceo — from your ex-spouse, Olivier Martinez divorce
with which she completed in December of last year.

Холли Берри поделилась редким фото маленького сына

Son Halle Berry, Maceo

Photo: @Instagram halleberry Halle berry

Holly captured of the kid, barefoot and in his pajamas – on the background of a window, behind which is seen the sea. “There is nothing more important than to find your favorite pajamas!” — so the actress has signed this photo, which is posted on his microblog. And although the frame was very touching, fans of the berry were a little disappointed because faces Holly’s son they have not seen since Barry took a picture of him standing with his back to the “audience”…

Holly, where in addition to maseo is another 9-year-old daughter Nala (from her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry), would do anything to protect the privacy of their children. And sometimes, as many believe, she even a little “over the top”. So, in December of last year she tweeted a photo of Nala and maseo, which just “cut” the faces of children. What angered some of her fans, decided that she for some reason is ashamed of their children. So the actress even found it necessary to react to criticism.

Children Halle berry son Maceo and daughter Nala

Photo: @Instagram halleberry Halle berry

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of my children. When they are older, let them decide — they want to see your photos online or not. I want to made my choice, and I do. I don’t criticize other people who don’t agree with me and behave differently. Just do what you think is my motherly duty to protect my kids!” — answered Holly. “However, since children are the most important part of my life, I try to find creative ways to reflect this in the photos, without violating their privacy rights…” — explained the actress in an interview published on the website etonline.com.